Breathless Moon Rising


After what seems like an extended hiatus, Breathless Moon is rising again! For friends of the former incarnation of the site, welcome back. You’ll see that much has changed. The most obvious difference is that the site is now a photo blog rather than a collection of galleries. This is, in part, a response to the many people who asked if the photos were “all that I do”. There are a number of ways to take that question, not all of them entirely positive. However, setting initial reactions aside, I came to understand that there was a desire to know more about the places, the thought behind the shots, and the person behind the camera. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes a few words are needed to add clarity and context to that picture.

One of the first questions I always get is “why Breathless Moon?”. The name comes from the lyrics of a Loreena McKennitt song, “The Mummer’s Dance”.



I really enjoy the imagery and the references to the Celtic celebration of Beltaine (modern May Day).

I’ve been drawn to spend time in natural spaces since I was a kid, and Breathless Moon began life as a way for me to merge that passion with my interest in photography and share the fusion with friends. I built the first version of the site using only a text editor and Photoshop Elements. It was a fun project, but it became difficult to maintain as it grew. I took it down with the intention of redesigning it and having it back up within a few weeks. Well, that didn’t happen. I became involved with other interests, and a few weeks stretched to quite a bit longer. Maybe that’s how it was supposed to happen. Now I have my experiences with yoga, martial arts, and outdoor fitness activities to share, and I get to try my hand at writing.

I hope that you will find something interesting or useful here. Check back often, as I plan to make regular posts and additions. Questions and comments are always welcome!


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